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The civil trial attorneys at Ben Traywick Law Firm represent people who suffer personal injury, property damage, financial harm, and other losses as a result of the wrongful conduct of others. Our cases include serious personal injury and wrongful death, defective construction and contractor claims, nursing home neglect and medical malpractice, estate and probate litigation, FINRA and angel investor claims, breach of contract and commercial disputes, and claims by consumers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Areas of Practice
Serious Personal

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It’s an unpleasant reality: accidents happen and people get hurt. A log truck runs a family off the highway. An elderly patient receives substandard care at a poorly staffed nursing home. Bars serve customers too many drinks, leading to terrible accidents later that night. Our firm’s attorneys have represented clients across South Carolina in serious injury and death cases for ten years, and we welcome your inquiry. To find out more about how Ben Traywick Law can help you with your serious personal injury case, CLICK HERE.

Areas of Practice
Auto Accidents

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Victims of auto accidents in Charleston, South Carolina need a strong, experienced attorney to represent them in their injury claims against the insurance companies. Ben Traywick has recovered millions of dollars for clients in accident claims during more than ten years as a South Carolina injury lawyer. The best time to call is directly after your accident, so that the experienced car wreck attorneys at BTL can get to work securing full compensation. To find out more about how Ben Traywick Law can help you with your auto accident case, CLICK HERE.

Areas of Practice
Commercial Truck Accidents

Big rigs can cause big problems. We know.

A wreck with a big truck is not the same as a typical car accident. The vehicles that South Carolina drivers operate typically run 4,500 to 7,500 pounds. By comparison a fully loaded tractor trailer, log truck, cement mixer, or dump truck can run up to sixty thousand pounds. Collisions are more severe with a big truck, they’re scarier, and they cause devastating injuries. Big truck lawsuits are different, too: state and federal law impose hundreds of regulations on big rigs that do not apply to drivers of passenger vehicles. Understanding these regulations is critical for an injured person’s claim to be successful. BTL founder Ben Traywick has this knowledge, having represented trucking companies for six years, and having spent hundreds of hours counseling and advising their drivers, safety staffs, and executives on safety issues, and defending specific claims already in litigation. One of our attorneys is available to speak with you right now if you or your family member has been in an accident with a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle. Please consider other information in this area posted on our blog.

Areas of Practice

We hold contractors and developers accountable.

Contractors and developers deliver substandard work to homeowners far too often in South Carolina. Fortunately, state law arms homeowners with powerful rights and remedies against builders and developers. We have a decade of experience putting these powerful tools to use for owners of residential and commercial property in claims against builders, developers, architects, engineers, and others responsible for defective land development and construction.

Areas of Practice
Financial Industry Claims

You worked too hard.

The financial industry—banks, credit reporting agencies, financial advisors, private investment opportunities—is incredibly complex. Most people have little idea how it actually works, and many are unclear what is happening even with their own money or credit standing. When problems and concerns arise in your dealings with the financial industry, the attorneys at Ben Traywick Law Firm in Charleston, SC, can help you find the best solution. If you have invested money with a financial manager and believe that the manager has pursued an investment strategy that puts the manager’s own fees above your investment goals, we can help you analyze and pursue a FINRA claim. If you are an angel investor, seed-money, or other investor in start-up or early-stage companies, and you were induced to invest on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information about the investment opportunity, we can assist you with your claim against the company and/or the people who solicited your investment. If your credit standing is being harmed by inaccurate information which appears on your credit report, we can prosecute a claim under the powerful Fair Credit Reporting Act against the credit reporting agencies (Trans Union, Equifax, Experian) and the creditor who has furnished the false information to the credit reporting agency. One of our attorneys is available to speak with you about your financial industry claim at any time.


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Ben Traywick Law

Benjamin A. C. Traywick

Ben Traywick practices law in his hometown of Charleston, and has tried cases to verdict in courts across South Carolina, representing clients from all over the country who have made South Carolina their home. Ben spent the first seven years of his career representing the trucking, construction and insurance industries, experience which gives him an intimate familiarity with these industries, who are now his and his client’s adversaries. A workaholic lawyer, Ben thrives under the pressure that comes with representing clients who put their trust in the firm at critical moments in their lives—it is a responsibility he takes very seriously. Active in his community, Ben has served his Church on its vestry and as Senior Warden; his town on its Historical Commission; his colleagues in the South Carolina Bar in its House of Delegates; and his neighborhood as general counsel and civic club board member. He is an adjunct professor in the Clemson/College of Charleston Masters in Historic Preservation Program, and has given talks at numerous South Carolina Association for Justice and South Carolina Bar events.

Alexandra S. Williams

A native of Beaufort, South Carolina, attorney Ali Williams graduated from St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire and then the College of Charleston. At the University of South Carolina School of Law, from which she graduated cum laude, Ali was the symposium editor for the South Carolina Law Review. Ali’s strong points–precise organization and a keenly analytical thought process–are well suited to the firm’s civil litigation focus. Outside of work, Ali enjoys spending time on the lowcountry waterways and playing as many rounds of abysmal golf as possible.

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