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Having construction defect issues? Help needed with business disputes? Injured in a car accident? Hurt on the job? Ben Traywick’s Charleston law firm of South Carolina attorneys can help.

Offering years of legal experience, we know how to successfully manage accident claims and civil lawsuits. Attorney Ben Traywick and our team of South Carolina attorneys will work diligently to protect your rights and get you justice. Reach us for skilled legal counsel today! 

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A. C. Traywick

Ben Traywick practices SC law in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina and has tried cases in courts across South Carolina, representing clients from all over the country who have made South Carolina their home. A straight-shooting, workaholic lawyer who tells it like it is, Ben thrives under the pressure that comes with representing clients who put their trust in the firm at critical moments.

Since 2006, he has represented individuals and local companies in construction, business, and injury litigation. Typical client matters include:

  • Representation of property owners, pursuing claims against builders and developers for defective construction and negligent land development.
  • Representation of Horizontal Property Regimes and Homeowners Associations in claims against the community’s developer for defective construction, failure to turn over the common areas in good order, and related claims. 
  • Representation of individuals whose homes and property flood, due either to inadequate stormwater drainage in the client’s own neighborhood, or to new development nearby. 
  • Representation of real estate buyers, pursuing claims against the seller for concealing or failing to disclose material problems with the property. 
  • Representation of people who have suffered serious personal injury due to the negligence of others. 
  • Representation of local businesses, prosecuting or defending commercial claims arising from business operations and transactions. 

Active in his community, Ben has served his church on its vestry and as Senior Warden, his town on its Historical Commission, his colleagues in the South Carolina Bar’s House of Delegates and his neighborhood association as president and attorney. He served as an adjunct professor in the Clemson/College of Charleston Masters in Historic Preservation Program, and has given talks at numerous South Carolina Association for Justice and South Carolina Bar events.

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Alexandra S.

Attorney Ali Williams at Ben Traywick Law Firm

A native of Beaufort, South Carolina, attorney Ali O’Neill works tirelessly for the firm’s clients, leveraging her strong organizational skills and laser focus to develop facts that drive case value. Ali’s meticulous approach is essential for steering complex, multi-party construction defect cases for the firm. Ali has tried multiple cases and has developed extensive experience taking and defending depositions and handling negotiations. Ali devotes her quick wit, empathy, and good humor to ensuring that the firm’s clients feel they are in good hands.

Prior to law school, Ali graduated from the College of Charleston. At the University of South Carolina School of Law, from which she graduated cum laude, Ali was the Symposium Editor for the South Carolina Law Review. She is a member of the South Carolina and Charleston County Bar Associations, the South Carolina Association for Justice, and the American Association for Justice.

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Our Charleston law firm is well equipped with construction defects knowledge and SC law legal advice and legal representation to successfully manage your construction defect claim.


We support single homeowners or groups of homeowners seeking justice. We are ready for your home defect claim including floor damage, siding issues, window leaks, chimney leaks, construction damage, structure damage, land development errors and other construction defects. 


Our construction defect attorneys will review your claim and verify if SC law grants your a right to file a legitimate lawsuit for construction contract dispute, builder negligence, bad contractor, structural defect, water damage, other house damage and house defects where you as a homeowner have the right to sue. 


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