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The days right after being injured in an auto accident are crazy. Insurance companies call demanding recorded statements. Hospitals call demanding that the medical bills get paid. Employers call wanting you back at work. What should a person hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle wreck say to all these people? How can you ensure that settlement offers are fair? How can you know that your rights are being protected?

Don’t deal with it all yourself. Instead, call a seasoned, knowledgeable injury attorney from Ben Traywick Law Firm. Let our Charleston, South Carolina legal team take control of the situation, ensure your fair shot at all of the compensation that the law allows, and let you focus on getting your life back in order. Call us because the accident attorneys at Ben Traywick Law Firm truly understand how confusing it can be for hurt people to secure just compensation for their injuries.

We know what we’re doing. We do this stuff all day, every day, and we know how to get results. Solving problems and pursuing the rights of car wreck victims is what we do: dealing with insurance companies; talking to police, collecting evidence; securing witness statements; helping with medical treatment; hiring experts and investigators. We know the local and state-wide landscape for accident claims, and can get started pursuing your rights- today.

Our South Carolina accident attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients across more than a decade of experience handling injury claims. Based in downtown Charleston, our lawyers represent the victims of auto accidents and truck wrecks throughout the Lowcountry—Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, West Ashley, Moncks Corner—and from across the state of South Carolina.

The time to call is now. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, the best time to call an attorney is today. Why? Because important evidence—the kind of evidence that can decide winners and losers in an auto accident case—can disappear at any time. Damage to a car or truck that proves what happened in the collision vanish when the car is repaired. Skids, gouges, and other marks on the roadway get paved over. Police dashboard cam and other video is deleted. A good lawyer knows where to find this evidence and knows how to go get it. But even the best lawyers can’t get what does not exist. Don’t sit on your rights: protect your rights by calling the accident lawyers at Ben Traywick Law Firm today.

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