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We understand that while litigation is our business, it is not yours. Legal disputes can be a staggering drain on company resources – time, energy, money – and are to be avoided if possible, and minimized if the courts are unavoidable.

Business litigation is litigation and can therefore, by definition, get ugly. As experienced trial lawyers, we are comfortable pleading our client’s case to a jury or judge in state or federal court. 

But business litigation is also business, so in advising clients, our business dispute attorneys keep the company’s bottom line their top priority. 

A Charleston law firm equipped with skilled SC law legal advice and legal representation for your legal claim. At Ben Traywick Law Firm, our business litigation attorneys are resilient in conflict resolution with one end goal, meeting the best interests of our client.

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Our Charleston law firm of experienced business dispute and real estate dispute attorneys have years of SC law knowledge, trusted legal advice and valuable legal representation to manage your case from beginning to end.

Ben Traywick Law Firm, LLC as a whole has helped our clients and their families receive compensation up to $3 million and counting.

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Without a doubt, our business litigation attorneys have extensive experience representing the following clients in both state and federal court:

  • Start-up investors pursuing claims against company founders
  • Breach of contract claims in many settings
  • Owners of commercial property dealing with tenant disputes
  • Local manufacturers taking on suppliers who failed to deliver equipment
  • Purchasers of industrial equipment with designs defects/deficiencies

It should be noted, business litigation is complex, requiring an in-depth understanding of the law. Therefore, when disputes arise, complicated regulations can make it difficult to navigate the days ahead. That’s why our clients trust our team to advocate for them.

Surely, because no two cases are the same, it is impossible to know exactly how long it will take to resolve yours. Rest assured that our team will work diligently on your behalf, always available to answer questions and offer updates along the way. For a better idea of how long your lawsuit may take, schedule your free consultation today.

Indeed, business disputes can be costly, draining money and valuable resources from a company if not handled properly. Here at Ben Traywick Law Firm, our business dispute attorneys work efficiently – and always keep your bottom line in mind. Plus, your first consultation is free.


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Undoubtedly, our Charleston law firm of business litigation attorneys are here to help. With expert legal advice and legal representation, we can manage your legal claim.

Therefore, contact Ben Traywick Law Firm today, free of charge, to get started – and to put our trusted experience to work for you.

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