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Charleston has seen a full-blown real estate development boom since 2010, when the local economy began to pick up steam following the Great Recession. 

Increased development activity and transaction counts have produced a steady flow of disputes between the parties to these deals. During the development boom, Ben Traywick Law has advised and represented parties on all sides of a variety of disputes arising from real estate development and transactions. 

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Here is a sampling of our work on behalf of clients involved in real estate disputes: 

  • Scores of property owners pursuing claims against developers and contractors for defective construction.
  • Purchasers of deepwater property, at which the developer had failed to provide a seawall or other required protection from tidal erosion. 
  • Representation of buyers of residential and commercial property, pursuing claims that the seller had concealed material information about the property. 
  • Citizens whose property would be affected by proposed commercial development nearby, in petition asking municipal authorities to deny permits and approvals to developer based on project design’s non-compliance with land development regulations. 
  • A homebuilder whose project fully complied with local land development regulations, defending frivolous appeal by nearby resident alleging non-compliance. 
  • An HOA, asserting that developer failed to meet its obligations of turning over the community’s common areas to the residents, as required: constructed in accordance with the site development plans, and well maintained during the developer’s HOA Board control during the buildout phase. 
  • Local businesses pursuing claims that nearby development has infringed on the clients’ existing easement rights.
  • Homeowners whose property, occupied for decades without flooding problems, has suffered acute flooding issues caused by new development projects on adjacent property. 
  • A reputable local builder in dispute with community master developer who had sought to deter client’s rightful construction activities by arbitrary and wrongful denial of client’s application for architectural review board approvals. 
  • Homeowners, pursuing claims that developer had built the community atop an unregistered landfill which had not been properly remediated before homes were built.  

How We Can Help

At Ben Traywick Law Firm, we are not what the public thinks of as “real estate lawyers,” a phrase which describes transactional or business lawyers who spend their days negotiating contracts, conducting real estate closings, and putting development deals together.

That is not us. We are litigators who spend each day pressing our clients’ interests in disputed matters, real estate and otherwise, and collecting evidence, analyzing legal issues, and formulating strategies which will produce the most effective and efficient result for our clients.

In fact, numerous real estate attorneys around the Charleston area refer their clients to us when, for one reason or another, the deal, contract, closing or project goes south.

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At Ben Traywick Law, our team of real estate dispute attorneys and litigators will craft a customized approach to handle your case – because we know that when it comes to real estate disputes, no two cases are the same. 

For a good real estate lawyer or HOA lawyer to manage your dispute, choose us! Get in touch with Attorney Ben Traywick and our legal team today to schedule your consultation.